About the Predicates category

This category is for proposals to add predicates or edit existing predicates on the schema for dapp.golden.xyz. Note that this schema is different from the one on Golden.com (eventually, Golden.com will use the schema set on dapp.golden.xyz so that the two match)

The Predicate Improvement Process Documentation outlines the expected behavior in this category in more detail.

The following fields are required for any predicate proposal:

Field Name: Name for the field

Value statement: Reason why the field will be a valuable addition to the Golden Knowledge Graph.

Definition: A definition for the predicate. This should roughly be between a line to a paragraph long.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Short definition for the predicate; no more than a line long.

Type of value (one of the following):

  • “entity”
  • “text”
  • “integer”
  • “date”
  • “url”

# of accepted values (one of the following):

  • “single”
  • “multiple”

Constraints: Detail any constraints (such as: only applies when subject “is a” = “Person”, or object must be “Organization”)

Citation Required?: yes

If the field has a limited # of values (enum field), list all possible values: [if applicable]

Also known as: potential alternate names for the predicate

Examples of proper use:

  • ‘{SubjectName}’ ‘[predicate name]’ is ‘{ObjectName}’ - reason why this example is a proper use of the predicate

Examples of improper use:

  • ‘{SubjectName}’ ‘[predicate name]’ is ‘{ObjectName}’ - reason why this example is an improper use of the predicate

Usage in other schemas: [list other schemas where predicate applies if applicable]

The following questions are highly encouraged to be discussed in the comments of a proposal:

  • What is the estimated cardinality of this predicate?
    1. If multiple values are allowed, how many different values can this predicate take on? (approximation)
    2. How many different entities will this predicate apply to? (approximation)
  • What is the estimated frequency of new values or changes for each entity?
  • What (if any) other schemas does this predicate map to? (Schema.org, Wikidata, etc.)
  • Are there any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) concerns with this field?
  • Are there any concerns about the ability for an average user to validate data in this field?
  • What is the likelihood that data in this field will become stale? How long will the data in this field be relevant?