Add a new field to the entity: Athletes

What is this entity? : Person “Daiki Hashimoto”

Add a new field to the entity: Athletes
Industruy: Sport
1 Physical sports
1.1 Acrobatic sports
1.2 Air sports
1.3 Archery
1.4 Ball games
1.5 Ball-over-net games
1.6 Basketball family
1.7 Bat-and-ball
1.8 Board sports
1.9 Catching games
1.10 Climbing
1.11 Cycling
1.11.1 Bicycle
1.11.2 Skibob
1.11.3 Unicycle
1.12 Combat sports: wrestling and martial arts
1.12.1 Grappling
1.12.2 Striking
1.12.3 Mixed or hybrid
1.12.4 Weapons
1.12.5 Other
1.13 Cue sports
1.14 Dog sports
1.15 Equestrian sports
1.16 Fishing
1.17 Flying disc sports
1.18 Football
1.19 Golf
1.20 Gymnastics (“Daiki Hashimoto”)
1.21 Competitive yoga
1.22 Handball family
1.23 Hunting
1.24 Ice sports
1.25 Kite sports
1.26 Mixed discipline
1.27 Orienteering family
1.28 Pilota family
1.29 Parkour/Freerunning
1.30 Racket (or racquet) sports
1.30.1 Sports that use a netted racket
1.30.2 Sports that use a non-netted racket, or paddle
1.31 Remote control
1.32 Rodeo-originated
1.33 Running
1.34 Sailing
1.35 Snow sports
1.35.1 Skiing
1.35.2 Sled sports
1.36 Shooting sports
1.36.1 Individual
1.36.2 Athletic hybrid
1.36.3 Skirmish
1.37 Stacking
1.38 Stick and ball games
1.38.1 Hockey
1.38.2 Hurling and shinty
1.38.3 Lacrosse
1.38.4 Polo
1.39 Street sports
1.40 Strength sports
1.41 Tag games
1.42 Walking
1.43 Wall-and-ball
1.44 Aquatic and paddle sports
1.44.1 Canoeing
1.44.2 Kayaking
1.44.3 Rafting
1.44.4 Rowing
1.44.5 Other paddling sports
1.44.6 Aquatic ball sports Surface Underwater
1.44.7 Competitive swimming Kindred activities
1.44.8 Subsurface and recreational
1.44.9 Diving
1.45 Weightlifting
1.46 Motorized sports
1.46.1 Auto racing
1.46.2 Motorboat racing
1.46.3 Motorcycle racing
1.46.4 ATV racing
1.47 Marker sports
1.48 Overlapping sports
2 Mind sports
2.1 Card games
2.2 Esports
2.3 Other
2.4 Speedcubing
2.5 Strategy board games
3 Competitive model sports
4 Different classification
4.1 Air sports
4.2 Athletics (track and field)
4.3 Electronic sports
4.4 Endurance sports
4.5 Goal sports
4.6 Skating sports
4.7 Snowsports
4.8 Strength sports
4.9 Table sports
4.10 Target sports
4.11 Team sports
4.12 Windsports

Add a new field to the entity : Participant of the Olympiad

Participant of the Olympiad: summer/winter
What olympiad participant? : For example Tokyo 2020
Kind of sport: “Artistic Gymnastics” citation Daiki HASHIMOTO Biography, Olympic Medals, Records and Age
Which country did you represent: “Japan” citation Daiki HASHIMOTO Biography, Olympic Medals, Records and Age
Result: “Gold” citation Daiki HASHIMOTO Biography, Olympic Medals, Records and Age

Over the entire existence of the Olympic Games (27 summer (1896–2012) and 22 winter (1924–2010) - data up to 2012), about 120 thousand athletes took part.
Maybe this is not enough to introduce this predicates?

What would you like to add?

I’m a little confused on what you want to happen here?

We already have a huge number of athletes marked as “is a” = “Person” on Golden. We also already have a good number of sports marked as entities in Golden - though there’s definitely room for improvement here:

Are you looking to add a predicate that marks a person as an athlete in a particular sport? If so, what would the threshold for consideration be? (If I played one game of tennis in my life but blogged/tweeted about it, would that be enough to have it added to my profile?)

Or are you looking to tie this to things like olympic/international competitions? If so, I think the best approach there is for the person to be the object of the triple instead of the subject (which seems to be implied here).

A person can be marked as a professional tournament participant. For people who use it as a hobby, this is not suitable.