Add phone extension value

Now there is a problem of not being able to complete the phone with a phone extension

Value statement: Phone numbers contain relevant contact information for an entity.

Definition: “The phone number associated with this entity that is 1. public (it is openly known the entity is associated with this phone number) and 2. official (the entity has formally associated themselves with this phone number by posting it on a website, social media link, etc. that they are in control of)”.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: “The public and official phone number associated with this entity”

Type of value: String

For enums - all possible values: N/A

# of accepted values: multiple - i.e. some users will maintain multiple phone numbers, particularly companies/organizations.

Inverse Properties and Name: N/A

Examples of proper use:


Constraints: Should only be applied to

  • companies/organizations
  • people