API Tripple Verification/Submit should have different weights from manual Tripple Verification/Submit Proposal


Golden is a fair and just community. All those who contribute to the community can get their due rewards

However, based on the current situation, the community is very unbalanced and has attracted a lot of criticism. Many robots, API submission or verifiers have disturbed the balance of the community through technical means. Many people who really work hard for the community are buried. Mainly reflected in test network points


Robots, through computer programs, can be verified by thousands of strokes per minute, and the operation of manual verification has passed in an instant. The results of their verification are mostly wrong, and they have no contribution to the community, but destroy the triple verification

API submitters and verifiers also obtain millions of points from the test network by submitting thousands of transactions per minute through computer programs. Most of them submit patents, while patent data is of no value to our Golden platform, but they get a lot of points. If necessary, you can go to the patent website to query these data

Many hard-working community members spend a lot of manpower and material resources on the submission of triplets. The verification of triplets, data accuracy and accuracy can meet the requirements of the Golden platform, which brings great value to the community. Compared with robots and API submitters, they get very few test network points.

I think this has greatly damaged the fairness principle of the community and is not in line with the core interests of the community and the team


My proposal is as follows:

  1. API submitters and verifiers, because they are machines that perform submission or verification, their verification speed is extremely fast, which may be 100 times, 1000 times, or even 10000 times of manual verification. However, the data submitted by them has not been checked manually, and the data accuracy is extremely low. It is recommended to adjust their verification test weight to 1/100~1/10 of manual verification.

  2. For the submission of patent data, it is recommended to clear the data, because patents have no contribution to the platform, and no one queries patent data on Golden platform. Users may prefer to go to the patent website to query the original patent data

  3. In order to encourage members of the community who have made contributions, API submitters and verifiers can also give them a fixed reward of 10 million points in total, because API submission is similar to the contribution to community developers, and their contribution is fixed. Once the number of API submissions is higher than that of real users in the community, the overall data accuracy of the Golden platform will be reduced, which is detrimental to the long-term development of Golden

The above is my opinion, please consider the community


Hi @Yog2021_Jiang thanks for this proposal. It has been discussed for a while already as many people have concerns regarding the API vs Manual submission/ verification.

Let me share one post from @judegomila

To be clear we are not suggesting a $/hr rate. But everyone will have different speeds they can get data in, and different levels of quality so people will be getting different effective rates. The keyword here being ‘effective’. Some that hit the API might be able to hit higher rates if they are bulk uploading quality data vs someone loading in a single common triple.
I think most people got the question, which is useful to see. We think we will hit different earnings rates across the various skill levels from manual entry to API data wizard.

I think that should alleviate some concerns as team predicted the pace difference between API and manual work back in April 2022.

As for the solution for the problem, I would prefer to split the rewards pool. Let it be 50/50, 60/40 or any other proportion so that API compete with API and manual workers compete with manual workers.

The weight approach u suggested would be more complicated, imho


API valication :manual valication = 10:90,because more than 90% of the members are manual workers, and the speed of manual verifiers is 1/100, 1/1000 of the API. I think this allocation is reasonable

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This proposal seems reasonable and fair. It is important to maintain a balanced and fair community where hardworking members are properly rewarded for their contributions. The use of robots and API submission programs can be detrimental to the accuracy and value of the data submitted to the Golden platform, and as such, adjustments to their verification test weight and rewards for community members who have made contributions are necessary. Clearing patent data may also help in maintaining data accuracy and improving the overall value of the platform. I hope the community takes this proposal into serious consideration.