Coming up: Predicate detail pages

Hey, everyone. Wanted to share that one key feature that the Golden team is building is a detailed description page for every Predicate on Golden.

Each predicate will have this page, which will go into detail about the types of data that the Predicate accepts, if the predicate accepts a single value or multiple values, etc. More importantly, this page will detail what is acceptable usage for each predicate: how/where they should be used, and how/where they shouldn’t be used.

As new predicates are proposed, this forum (and the Predicates category) will be the place where the Golden community can discuss these acceptable/unacceptable rules, and evolve them over time as we encounter new data and scenarios.

Please keep an eye out for the announcement when they launch!

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Hi. Could we unify the form (template) for predicates? I saw that the form here and here is different.

Yes, most definitely. I’ll aim to do that before the end of the week!

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I’ve updated the template in the Category about page - you should be good to copy/paste what’s there as a starting point for any proposal.



I noticed that these words here:
Examples of proper use :
Examples of improper use:

are different from these words here:

Example of Proper Usage:
Example of Improper Usage:

The exact words in this case doesn’t matter - the content of what should be considered “proper” or “improper” use for each predicate is what matters.

We’re looking for a better solution that would automatically generate the text of the predicate proposal here based on a form entry, which should make this whole process much easier.

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