Correction function for incorrect triples

There are many triples with incorrect links. For example whitepaper triple which links to the incorrect page of the official site of the project. So that is close to be accepted but it’s not. What do you think about adding the correction function?

Like when user rejects the triple he was asked if he could provide a correct link. And this could be a new triple to be accepted by the consensus. In case it was accepted, its “parent” triple which was incorrect, should be automatically rejected.

The user provided accepted correction gets extra points.
As for me, it seems to be nice for the database improvement. And it could also become a one more motivation for users to show more accuracy in triple validation.

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Yes, this is a good solution, it was discussed earlier in Discord. I think the Golden team will implement this in the near future.

I think it’s important to remember here that when any user submits a triple in the future, it’ll be on-chain and staked. Fundamentally if you submit incorrect data, you’re going to get penalized for it, so be careful before you submit anything.

That said, as long as users largely submit good/valid data, any penalties from an occasional bad triple submitted shouldn’t feel too severe.