Discord ID Information

While identifying a person as valid, there are certain accounts that we can add.

Considering the NFT Projects and Blockchain Game (BCG) Projects, discord is a very significant platform used.

Thus, I propose that a new predicate “Discord ID” is created to add credibility to the person in question.
It is also simple to verify as one has to check whether the person is present on discord or not.

Hey! Just as a form of advice, I would recommend u to follow the established template for a new predicate proposal About the Predicates category

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@Akuma - as @Ras mentions, the template can be used for proposals.
I see you have added the label “new predicate” but clarifying – is this for a different predicate or a modification to the existing Discord URL, or a modification of the existing: Golden Dapp

Hi Jen,

This proposal is to add a new predicate and not to change any existing one. The aim of this predicate is to provide the discord ID of an entity which is a person. This one is necessary because an individual person will not have a discord ID and once we start accepting data on New roles like Web3 Marketer, Web 3 Advisor etc, Discord id will be a good addition!

Sure, I will keep it in mind!