Forbidden domain zones

Due to the fact that at the moment only English-language sites are counted, I suggest:

  • set a ban on adding pronounced domain zones other than English, for example .ru .ua .de .cn .fr etc
  • set a block for the output of triples for verification in which the link leads to the above domain zone (this will also be a fight against autoclickers)
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Hmm, that is a good point. Generally, Im supportive. Just wonder if there could be a situation where .de domain for example post materials in English, won’t we ban suitable sites in this case?
PS I have not found such examples so far, by theoretically they can exist

There are many cases where a non-English organization only has a domain url in a non-English format though. The Hokkaido Museum in Japan, for example, only has a β€œ.jp” domain, with their English version followed by β€œ/en/”. This is pretty common practice in certain countries.