Golden Academy: place to learn

As decentralized canonical knowledge Graph, Golden could be the best place for users to learn.

So, I think it would be really cool if there would be a platform that for example would be available different courses for those who are ready to educate themselves.

And I know - you will say that there is plenty of info and that if someone wants to learn something - he or she will make some research and find everything they need and you will be right!
But there are also plenty of people who for example have no clue about the crypto world or know that “this is something about Bitcoin”. And if these people will need to find some information and learn, they will face several problems:

  1. “I don’t know what I don’t know” - if the topic that you want to learn is new to you, it is very hard to understand where to start.

  2. The trustable source - we all know that the Internet is full of information, and not everything that can be found is correct.

So, Golden Academy could be the place for the same crypto newbies, where they would find a sort of “basic course” - what do you need to know about the crypto world? (as an example).

And every block or course could contain the best articles about the topic-related things you need to know. This could be a sort of GOLDEN knowledge base, separated by the topics and - by the professions.

This idea could be more significant than just an educational platform - this could be the place where all the other crypto world’s participants would be able to find the best specialists and - even future employees.

Besides, the other projects could use this platform to educate their communities, by making the courses and using them as a sort of reward (for example).