Have the Tagging mechanism to categorize the content

We should have the categories defined so that its easy to curate content later when a specific set of interest is shown by users to view the content rather showing not interested content to the user.

Hi Praveen, thanks for the suggestion.
I’d be interested in more detail, since classification in general is an area I’m actively looking into.
In particular I’m looking into how we expand on, and further organize, what we already have on golden.com in the form of both Industry entities and Categories (listed bottom right) - see for example GradJoy - Wiki | Golden
Industries can already be used in (Advanced) searches and to build Lists - both of which can be saved.
Some questions for discussion:

  • any specific types of category you would like to see (in addition to Industry)?
  • any additional types of category-based curation?
  • should a category be limited to only certain entity types (e.g. Company vs Product)
  • how would new categories get suggested and agreed?
  • what would be needed for definition of a category in addition to a description?
  • should categories be hierarchical (e.g. Bank is a child industry of Finance)?
  • how could the community reliably validate that a category does indeed apply to an entity?