Layer Technology - L0, L1, L2, L3

Field Name: Layer Technology L
Type of value: entity
Number of values accepted: multiple
Tooltip description: blockchain architecture layer
Full description:
L0- A layer that helps transfer assets between blockchains;
L1- Blockchains that can conduct transactions without the involvement
of another network. But at the same time, such blockchains can only implement 2 of 3 properties
(decentralization, security and scalability);
L2 -is designed to solve the problems of the L1 layer associated with the implementation of blockchain a common problem is the scaling problem;
L3 Application level. This is the user interface that the consumer physically interacts with.

Need citation: Yes

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This is interesting, but what I worry about is how well-defined each of these layers are. Layer 1 seems to be pretty clear, and Layer 2 does as well.

But I’m curious if there are cases where one person might say “that’s a Level 2” and someone else might say “that’s a Level 3”?

I agree quite often projects have 2 levels for example L2 and L3.
This requires specifying multiple values ​​and adding a citation.