Major data schema announcement

Hi, everyone. I’m happy to announce a major data schema update - we’ve recently finished migrating ~120 predicates and ~10 entity types from to the Golden protocol! This largely completes the schema migration of existing predicates and entity types from

You may have noticed it has been quieter here from the Golden side over the last month or so. About a month ago we realized that going through existing predicates one-by-one was incredibly time-consuming, which meant that the process was effectively blocking users from getting the data they’re adding on from getting migrated to the protocol and rewarded with points. We went heads-down and ran an internal process to codify the existing definitions that Golden has used for these predicates to move the process along much faster.

(There are a handful of additional predicates that will get migrated soon that just didn’t quite fit into the bulk group that got migrated this week.)

Fundamentally, the vast majority of predicates have been moved to the protocol, which means those triples will soon start flowing into the dApp, get into the verification queue, and earn points rewards. And myself and others from Golden will be re-engaging more frequently here around new predicate proposals.

If you have any questions, please reply here and I’ll do my best to answer.

Jed from Golden


Maybe it makes sense to publish a list of accepted predicates here?

Probably the best way to view them is on the dApp itself here: Golden Dapp

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This is very interesting and I’m glad it was a temporary lull on GOLDEN’s part. Looking forward to the next updates!

Hello. @jed What about the predicate industry?

If I understood everything correctly, then add a few more predicates?

good news. but is it really impossible to optimally automate?

We’re holding off on migrating the industry predicate and entity type right now. The definition for what constitutes an industry isn’t as concrete as we’d like, and they really need to be in order for users to verify entities and predicates as correct or not.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “optimally automate”?

We have processes that bring entities (that meet minimum triple disambiguation requirements) and triples with these predicates from web2 golden to the protocol automatically.

As for automating predicates, we’ve now done virtually all of them that are possible. Certain predicates (like industry and a few others) are ones where we need to get a better definition of what would be considered correct or not before we can migrate. Other predicates (such as “Latest Funding Round Amount (USD)” we won’t migrate since those are special predicates that are automatically calculated based on underlying data, and aren’t predicates you can use to submit triples. And other predicates we’re deprecating in favor of using qualifiers instead (like CTO, CFO, COO, etc.)