My problem about concensus

Hello, I would like to ask the mechanism of this consensus, the current vote’s will be based on the previous consensus to determine whether to pass, for example, a project before the tweet is there, but now this Twitter account was suspend, or changed, so that in the judgment of the time is REJECT, but according to the previous consensus is wrong.

And if others did not carefully review the submitted triad, and I carefully reviewed the triad’s website and found that it could not be opened, or that the Twitter account did not exist, then by consensus my correct judgment was wrong instead

Hi, you need to do everything according to the guidelines. Even all these described cases will happen, sooner or later everything will be changed through adding new/refreshing an old triple and new validation process.

What about testnet points, do they stay the same, or do they increase or decrease according to the current results

There is also the question of how long it generally takes to get consensus on submitting a new triplet validation

For verified links, if the current link is not accessible, how to update

Points are awarded only if a consensus is reached.

At the moment, all links are accepted in validation, absolutely, we are waiting for a decision from the team.

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Currently all triples are being accepted. This is happening because of weak gtt and low frequency of their display

So for the consensus mechanism, there are still problems for now