New attribute section proposal - Litigation attributes

Value statement: The Litigation attributes are valuable contextual info to find an associated person/entity involved/have been involved in any litigation. For instance,

  1. To find information on what cases a person/company is/was involved.
  2. To find parties involved in a particular case.
  3. To find persons/entities that could be indirectly involved in a particular case.

Definition: Any litigation case number an entity/person is/was involved in.

Examples: European Court of Human Rights, Supreme Court of the United States, Court of Arbitration for Sport etc.

Litigation attributes could potentially have dozens of predicates.

Example of how it is going to look like.

Predicate proposal - ECHR application number (European Court on Human Rights)

Value statement: The ECHR application number is valuable contextual info, particularly about a person/company litigation history.

Definition: “The number of an application presented by a person/entity before the European Court on Human Rights“

Type of value: String

#of accepted values: An entity could have multiple

Estimated cardinality of this predicate: 24,511 (current number of judgements issued)

Estimated frequency of new values or changes: ECHR application number is a permanent property.

Inverse Properties and Name: N/A

Examples of proper use:

Specification: The general practice in ECHR is that a number is attributed to a particular complaint at the time of application. After that, all the documents issued along the way, including the final judgment, are issued under the application number. That is why, the citation could be made either to the list of documents associated with the application number or to any particular document associated with the application, for example, the final judgment.

Constraints: Should only be applied to persons/companies

Qualifiers that apply to this predicate: N/A

Citation Required?: Yes

Also known as: ECHR case, ECHR case law

Suggested applicable templates on Person, Company

PS. It’s just one example of dozens of possible predicated for litigation attributes. The main aim of this proposal is to check temperature whether such predicates in general would contribute to Golden. If yes, the topic could be elaborated further.