non-MDT predicates

Hello @jen and @jed I wanted to know why you stopped importing non-MDT predicates, now you only import mdt predicates once a week on sunday though before non-MDT predicates were being imported without problems.
For example the entity on Yardstik - Wiki | Golden
and in the dapp - Yardstik
Github, facebook, crunchbase, pitchbook, phone, full address and funding round are missing. Same thing with many other pages

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this topic is of interest to many people. a large number of the triples listed are not imported for verification. it turns out that a lot of work done will not be appreciated. I would like to hear from the team.

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You’re right in that we’ve been shifting some resources around here. For the past month or two we’ve focused more on making sure all of the entity types are getting regularly migrated from to the protocol, that the process is reliable, etc. That work has largely wrapped up and we’re sync’ing everything on a weekly basis (though possibly more frequently in the future.)

We’ve now started turning our attention to non-MDT predicates, and you should see migration of these data points happening more regularly in the next couple of weeks.

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Thanks for the reply. One more question: Because of the fact that you added triple citation feature too late many of my triples have been imported without citations and they’re not added to the queue which means they’re stuck. Now I added citations to these triples on Will you be able to import citations separately so that my triples could be checked?

Hello @S_K123, I can confirm that non MDT predicates are now being imported as of this week. Thanks for bringing this to our attention that citations aren’t being imported if the predicate already exists. Could you please provide an example to help us address this?

I added citations after triples were imported into the dapp. I’d like to know if you will be able to import citations separately?
For example:

Thanks for sending the example! Yes, we will add this functionality to our imports soon. It’s important to capture citation data and have that reflected on both and I will post here once this is up and working. We appreciate your patience.

Thanks, hope it will happen before mainnet launch