Official Website update/fix

Doing verification of triples, I noticed that many entities have not only one correct link in the “Official website” field, for example in the format https://<site_url>, but also slightly changed, but also working, for example http://<site_url> or http://www.<sitr_url>.

It seems to me that there should be some restrictions on such triples.

For example, in the field “official website” can not be two links that differ only in protocol https or http.


@vodrus Thank you for raising this issue - it is has been brought up internally and is under discussion. Will follow up with any updates.

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It is definitely necessary to preserve such types or highlight individual entities:

  1. “site with the old name” is for cases when companies have merged and the old site is transferred to another company.
  2. the original site is not in English, but for example the link http://<site_url>//home//en leads to English content;

I also encountered abuses: when they add as a separate web site in a language other than English and such web pages, up to 20-30 web links come up.

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