Open sourcing a community repository for data-apps

In order to familiarize developers and programmatic users with data submission processes using Golden’s Protocol API, we’re open sourcing our data-apps repository which can be found here:

GitHub - goldenrecursion/data-apps: A collection of Golden's low-code applications and demonstrations for submitting data to Golden's protocol.

This repository hosts Golden’s low-code applications and demonstrations for submitting data to the protocol, and our pages are powered by godel and ML/NLP models from spacy.

You can build the demo yourself and examine the code with docker, or you can directly try out the demo we’ve hosted with streamlit here!

The demo includes flows for:

  • Entity creation
  • Triple creation
  • Extracting triples from natural language

The repository is a good place to start as a beginning and advanced programmatic users who want dive deeper into the code for data submission with godel. Developers are welcome to contribute additional applications and tools for the community to use and share!

Use this forum thread to discuss anything related to data-apps

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