Ordering predicates alphabetically

Make the display of information for users more convenient. I propose to arrange all the predicates alphabetically, this will make it more convenient to use the information in the future.

What does it look like now

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It seems to me that this discussion should have been created in the “Golden Protocol” section, but not in the “Predicates” section. :wink:

Thanks corrected.
But I think this applies more to predicates ))))

Hmm, on the one hand sounds logical. On the other, I just checked the list of predicates and it seems that some predicated should have prerogative over others. I mean, for example, there is a predicate is a or website that form the aplhabatical point of view are not first, but from the substantive should be over other indeed, in comparison with birthday for example.
In this respect, maybe it would be more useful to identify a list of primary predicates to be listed depending of their substantiality and the rest to be listed in alphabetical order

Birthday is a single value predicate just like a website if it is in English.

In the past (on golden.com) we’ve broadly tried to display predicates in an order that is most relevant to end users. And industries (as one example) are more immediately relevant to end users than Angellist url or Apple App Store url - both of which would be listed above industries in alphabetical order.

I agree that we can definitely improve this in the future - probably tied more closely to what consumers of the protocol data request.

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