Predicate Proposal - Apple Music artist ID/url

Field Name: Apple Music Artist ID/url
Field Type: text
Number of values accepted: single
Description: Apple Music ID/url for a musical artist
Format as url: true
Url format: "{:id}"

Examples of proper use:

  • Identify/capture Apple Music url for a given artist (individual or group)

Examples of incorrect use:

  • An Apple Music url for a specific song or album
  • URLs for any other service

Apple Music Artist ID/url value: “159260351”
which would then generate the url "" which is the Apple Music artist url for Taylor Swift.

Note: the url as displayed by Apple Music is in the format{:artist-name}/{:id} but the {:artist-name} portion of the url is unnecessary. The format specified above will redirect to the url that includes the {:artist-name} in the url.


This looks good to me. Very minor suggestion for Examples of incorrect use:

  • An Apple Music url for a specific song, album, video, or artist playlist.

And on the URL format, it may be worth adding to the example the URL should not be a language-specific one such as: or

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Ah, great points - will include them!

I’m happy to say that based on the consensus feedback above, the Apple Music artist ID is now live on!

We will adding this soon as a web3 predicate in Golden, along with the detailed description of the predicate.

Now that this is launched, I’ll be locking the thread and tagging it appropriately.

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