Predicate Proposal - CoinGecko

I noticed that there are fields for CoinMarketCap, but this is not the only platform for coin observation. It would be more correct to add some URL for sites like CoinGecko, that way the information will be more accurate.

Field Name : CoinGecko URL

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The official CoinGecko URL associated with this entity.

Type of value: URL

# of accepted values: Single

Citation Required? No

Examples of proper use:

  • BTC → Official CoinGecko URL → CoinGecko
  • ETH → Official CoinGecko URL → CoinGecko

Constraints: Should only be applied to: Crypto tokens and coins



Hey! Looks reasonable to include Coingecko as well, I would support your proposal

We already have cmc, what’s the difference between coingecko and cmc?

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It’s not the difference between them, it’s the accuracy of the information presented. The data in one service may not be accurate. No one is safe from mistakes. And this way the user can see a more complete version of events and make the right decision on the basis of more arguments.

One more argument might be that CMC and Coingecko use different models to assess whether to list an asset or not. In this regard the list os assets are not identical for two platforms. Thus, having both of them could will result in a bigger database then having just one of them.

Can you give some examples when information differs?

Absolutely support this suggestion, I wanted to create one myself

@S_K123 Coinmarketcap has less data available, while coingecko tracks more tokens, this is very least how they differ
They have different processes of validation and thus data differs

Thank you very much, this is my first suggestion on the forum and I am very pleased. Maybe they will really add when they see my post

Completely agree with you. I hope to be able to offer something else worthwhile for the project)

Well, we can also add dropstab and other aggregators of information, but wouldn’t that make things complicated? Judging by the visit count application, CMC has 3-4 times more traffic per day (about 3 million benefit).

no problem, i just want the protocol to be the as effective as possible

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So you basically suggest to give preferences, Coingecko is as OG as CMC is, even older iirc
Drobstab yet is pretty niche product (not many people aware of).

Older does not mean better. It will not be difficult for the team to add what was proposed, but adding the ability to display one project on 2 sites with the same functionality will only complicate everything. This is just my opinion.

So you suggest not to give preferences and to add every possible website with project indexing?

no i suggest addint the most trustworthy ones which CG is definitely is

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CoinGecko URL predicate vote

  • Yes, implement this predicate
  • No - do not implement

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I think only be usefull for those tokens, which doesn’t exist on Coinmarketcap

Its a good idea! easy to find project


Based on the voting above, the predicate definition above has been approved. It will be added as a web3 predicate in Golden soon!

This thread will now be closed and tagged appropriately.