Predicate Proposal - company image URL

Field Name: weblogo

Value statement: This will allow you to quickly find the necessary articles if there are already duplicates of them, as well as the appearance of the article will be more supplemented.This will improve validation.

Definition: The logo of the company, organization, person - which allows you to recognize the article.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Logo

Type of value (one of the following):

  • “url”

# of accepted values (one of the following):

  • “single”

Constraints: Applies only in the case of: cryptocurrency, companies, organizations, person, product.

Citation Required?: yes (Website, social networks).

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

Could you transform this predicate proposal into one that uses the required fields mentioned here? About the Predicates category

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My concern on this predicate is that most companies have several (if not potentially tens/hundreds) of logos/images, and that all of them could be considered valid. They would include light mode logos, dark mode logos, logo images along, logos that include the company name horizontally, vertical logos, etc.

I’m just not sure how anyone could ever choose a single logo for this predicate. And if multiple predicates were allowed, how would we choose one to show on the entity page?

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