Predicate Proposal - Country of origin

Field Name: Country of origin

Type of value: entity

Number of values accepted: multiple

Tooltip description: Country of origin of this item (creative work, product)

Full description: The country of origin of something, including products as well as creative works such as movie and TV content.

In the case of TV and movie, this would be the country of the principle offices of the production company or individual responsible for the movie.

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

  • Alice in Wonderland’ → ‘Country of origin’ → ‘Wonderland’ - This is incorrect, because it is a fictional country and the action takes place in this country, but not the place of production.

Usage in other schemas:

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Creative Work” and “Product”

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@technopoint2020 First of all, I really like this proposal! As someone who has background as a librarian and researcher, I know this type of question is in high demand and answers often hard to track down. Thanks for proposing it. :slight_smile:

One thing I am wondering is how to deal with cases where the country of origin is either debated or disputed or uncertain. One thought is to provide an Incorrect example that shows a case where the origins are uncertain, for example. Or perhaps consider limiting this to specific entity types such creative works. Some of the other items you mention like country of origin of a food or phrase may be hard to get a definitive answer or the origins are argued or uncertain. But I may be overthinking this here, interested to hear other opinions.

Agree that this is a good proposal. The constraints can always be adjusted as new entity types are implemented. Initial constraints could be Creative Work and Product.

I think, in this case the predicate should not be filled (where the country of origin is either debated or disputed or uncertain - these are not facts).

I can’t think of an example. Could you help me?

I agree, it’s harder to define than for creative work. That’s why I removed it from the description.