Predicate Proposal - CPC Code

Field Name: CPC Code

Definition: CPC Code is the code assigned to a patent per the Cooperative Patent Classification System. The Cooperative Classification System is a joint effort of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to develop a common, internationally compatible classification system for technical documents, in particular patent publications.

A patent may have multiple CPC Code values. The CPC code values can be found on a patent document in a section labeled Field of Classification Search.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) code.

Type of value (one of the following): entity

Number of accepted values (one of the following): multiple

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Patent”

Citation Required?: Yes.

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

Usage in other schemas: n/a

CPC Code predicate vote

  • Yes, implement this predicate
  • No - do not implement

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Based on the voting above, the predicate definition above has been approved. It will be added as a web3 predicate in Golden soon!

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