Predicate Proposal: Current Stage (Cryptocurrency) *updated

Could not edit or delete the previous one, so here’s the updated version:

Field Name: Current Stage

Definition: This predicate will show the current stage of cryptocurrency project. If the project is running a Testnet Stage it would be - Testnet . If it’s already mainnet - Mainnet. As well as showing the Stages of the Testnet itself (for example Aleo Testnet 3).

Value Statement: It will be a helpful tool in order to better understand project’s current stage and to take further part in project’s Testnet for the info reader.

Type of value: URL or Text with citation URL from the official announcement.

#of accepted values: Multiple

Constrains: Only applies if subject is blockchain or cryptocurrency project.

Citation required: Yes.

Also known as: Network Status.

Examples of proper use:

  • Aleo - Current Stage - Testnet (cite: Testnet 3 Incentives Kickoff )
  • Sui - Current Stage - Testnet (cite: Announcing Sui Incentivized Testnet )

Note: can only add 2 links, therefore link for the second example was not added.

Examples of improper use:

Hey! As I mentioned earlier, that is interesting proposal. While indicating the phase of the testnet could be potentially beneficial for Golden in terms of traffic and commercial opportunities, I have some doubts on that. My main concern consists in that testnet/devnet phases could be changed quite quickly, for some projects a testnet phase lasts a couple of weeks and then they proceed to another testnet phase. So my general idea is that such approach would require too much of update.

In this regard, I would opt for just binary option: testnet VS mainnet, at least at the beginning.

I can agree with that. We can see how it goes and maybe update it in the future. But yeah, my main point was to point the Current Stage of the project - Mainnet or Testnet. Phases are just an addition, which is not necessary for now.

I’m not entirely sure tracking this level of detail is interesting or valuable to end users. That said, I can see where information about when a particular project launches on mainnet could be valuable.

If I draw a (not perfect) analogy to other products, I’m not that interested in the various stages that a product like Google Maps went through testing - I care about when it officially launched and growth from there.

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Well, you may not be interested in this, but there are a lot who are interested in such information. Me for example, or 250 thousands people participating in Sei Testnet or any other major Testnet ongoing. The person who is interested in the entity he is seeking (especially in crypto) will be interested in such a detail as a Network Status or a Stage of a project. There are predicates on Golden like “Forked From”, “Timestamping Scheme”, “Singling of”, “Short Name”, “Michelin Guide” and a lot of other “this level” details that are much less important, than information about Current Stage of the Network. This is very important piece of information that should be visible for anyone, who is seeking or exploring any type of crypto project.

It is not quite clear what is the procedure for updating the information in the infobox on the current stage, because as you know the process can quickly go from testnet to maynet or return to the test network if not ready for the main network.

If the project’s current Network Status is Testnet - then it’s Testnet and vice versa. It can only be 1 update, which is end of the Testnet and switch to the Mainnet. Once it’s Mainnet - it’s always Mainnet. Also it’s not quite quickly, cause the Testnet phase usually takes 2-6 months. Some of them even longer.