Predicate Proposal - Current Stage (Cryptocurrency)

This predicate will show the current stage of cryptocurrency project. For example if the project is running a Testnet Stage it would be - Testnet . If it’s already mainnet - Mainnet. As well as showing the Stages of the Testnet itself (for example Aleo Testnet 3). It will be a helpful tool in order to better understand project’s current stage and for example to take part in project’s Testnet.

Hey! That’s interesting proposal on the first glance, however, I would recommend u to follow the template for new predicates About the Predicates category to make it more visible and votable.

Oh, didn’t see it, thank you. Can I rewrite and post it again?

U can edit the current version just here, it will be more convenient, imo. Just click on the pencil icon and u can correct it. Or u can delete this topic and create a new one if it is easier for u

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Could not delete nor edit this one, that’s why uploaded the updated version in new predicate. @Ras

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