Predicate Proposal: impovement (Wallet screen form)

Guys, i’d like to present my short idea of imrovement of interface of screen form of Wallet in
As i understood, the scheme of downloading the data (triples that added by unique user) to dapp looks like:

  1. User adds triples on Golden - triples holds in database;
  2. Pack of triples goes to validation list;
  3. Other unique users validate it (status reject or accepted after reaching consensus);
  4. Triples occur in Wallet form with points (+/- in depend of validation process).

I’d like to give an opprunity for users to be sure and crystal clear about quantity of undownladed triples that still holds in the database. Just to watch the progress and understand clearly that triples still exists and it never goes out.

It’s beeter to add this count somewhere here:

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Hey @arsstep1991 - this post is better suited for Golden Protocol - Golden Community (though we may need to open a new UI specific / general feedback category) - the Predicates - Golden Community category is reserved for proposals of new predicates. Feel free to repost in Golden Protocol - Golden Community

Going to close this post.

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