Predicate Proposal - Fungible/non-fungible

Field Name: Is Fungible
Field type: boolean value (bool)
Number of values accepted: single
Tooltip description: Whether the token is fungible or non-fungible
Full description: The fungibility of the token. An entity can be any token: NFT, “general” fungible token etc

Examples of proper use:

  • CryptoPunks → ‘Is Fungible’ → false

Examples of incorrect use:

  • CryptoPunks → ‘Is Fungible’ → true
    CryptoPunks are NFTs

Citation Required? : No

With this approach we don’t split the tokens between the different categories: ERC20 ones, NFT (ERC-721 etc) …

I don’t see much point in replacing the definition of the token standard, because it reflects its technical specification.

I agree that centralizing on the token standard seems like the more direct approach here.