Predicate Proposal - GDP

Field Name: GDP

Definition: Monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced and sold in a specific time period by a country.

Also known as: Gross domestic product.

Type of value: numbers

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: yes.

In order to provide users with comparative analysis tools I suggest using as a citation source either the World Bank (part of the UN institutions) or the International Monetary Fund statistics.

Examples of proper use:

Romania → ‘GDP’ → $ 284,04 billion Citation

Canada → ‘GDP’ → $ 1 988,336 billion Citation

Examples of improper use:

France → ‘GDP’ → $3.667 trillion Citation
In this case Wikipedia is used as a source of citation, which is not a trustworthy source.

Constraints: Only applies when the Subject has the “Is a” value “Country”.

Usage in other schema: Wikidata - GDP

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Useful to be able to track progression of values for different years?
Better as numbers rather than text.
Would we assume all values are in US Dollars for comparison?

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Hey! Thanks with your feedback! Agree with u on numbers (will change the proposal accordingly). As for the currency, yeah, I believe that US Dollars should be a default currency