Predicate Proposal - Google Scholar Author ID

Definition: The unique Google Scholar Author ID associated with this person on Google Scholar. A Google Scholar Author ID is the number that is prefaced with

Entity IDs can be used as globally unique URIs following the pattern:<ID>

Additional Google Scholar profile information (email address, homepage, profession) should be used to help disambiguate and help verify that the Google Scholar Author ID is valid for the entity.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: “The unique Google Scholar Author ID associated with this person.”

Type of value: String

For enums - all possible values: N/A

# of accepted values: One

Inverse Properties and Name: N/A

Examples of proper use:

  • Barack Obama → ‘Google Scholar Author ID’ → ‘KcZySPIAAAAJ’ is correct, as it corresponds with which is the same entity (Barack Obama) as the subject of the triple.

Examples of improper use:

  • John McCarthy (computer scientist) → ‘Google Scholar Author ID’ → ‘MMblxBoAAAAJ’ is incorrect as it corresponds with which is the Google Scholar Author ID for John McCarthy (linguist).

Usage in other schemas:

Citation Required?: No - the ID functions as its own citation as the URL for the Google Scholar page can be formed out of the Google Scholar Auhtor ID. ie KcZySPIAAAAJ corresponds to

Decided to keep this title as Google Scholar ID, but would be interested to hear feedback on whether we should call it Google Scholar Author ID.

There is a potential for either Google Scholar Paper ID, or expanding this definition to include papers, but tend to think that the paper ID should be separate. An example is: Google Scholar

After reading this, I think Google Scholar Author ID might be best. It clearly scopes the predicate to the ID that’s specifically relevant to a person. That should help make sure it doesn’t get confused with the cluster you linked to or a specific paper or publication or anything else.

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@jed Thank you - updated original to Google Scholar Author ID.

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This LGTM. Specifying that it be the google scholar ‘author’ ID at least in v0 makes sense.

[This has been added to the protocol schema]

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