Predicate Proposal - IMDb ID/url

Field Name: IMDb ID/url
Field type: text
Number of values accepted: single
Tooltip description: The IMDb ID/url associated with this entity
Full description: The IMDb ID/url that is used for this entity. An entity can be a person (for example an actor) or creative work (film)

Examples of proper use:

  • identify/capture IMDb ID/url for a given person or creative work.

Examples of incorrect use:

  • search page on the site IMDb

Format as url: true
URL format: "{:id}"
URL format: "{:id}"


  • IMDb ID value: “tt0241527”
    which would then generate the url "" which is the IMDb ID for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (film).

  • IMDb ID value: “nm0705356”
    which would then generate the url "" which is the IMDb ID for Daniel Radcliffe

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Usage in other schemas:
Usage in wikidata:

Examples of proper use:

Examples of incorrect use:

Citation Required? : No
Suggested applicable templates on : Person

This Predicate would be a great addition for person (actors, producers, writers, etc.).
This Predicate perfectly reflects all the activities of the person. All of his accomplishments, movies, and his entire acting life. This site seems to fit perfectly.

why is there a specific binding to a specific site ? I think it’s not quite right that the source should be any open

I’m curious if this should be separate Predicates for the IDs that map to titles (“Creative Works” in Golden) and names (“People” in Golden).

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For improper use for Creative work, it might make sense to note that the the IMDB url should be only be associated with the work in question and not with other creative works it is based off of or other works within a media franchise. Not sure the best wording but here is an example:

Examples of incorrect use:
Golden entity for book: In the Heart of the Sea - Wiki | Golden
IMDB page for movie based on the book: In the Heart of the Sea (2015) - IMDb

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I guess yes. We need to avoid an error when the user inserts the url of the actor (person) into the url of the movie (creative work) and vice versa.

Yes, that’s correct. Should I change the first post (Predicate Proposal - IMDb ID/url) and add your examples?

Yes, that would be the best thing to do - thanks!

I didn’t understand you a bit. What message are you replying to?

Sorry about that! My previous comment was referring to this: Predicate Proposal - IMDb ID/url - #9 by technopoint2020