Predicate Proposal - Instagram

When checking “instagram”, the validator must be registered with If the validator is not registered, it will receive the following message when checking:

Sorry, this page is unavailable.
You may have used an invalid link or the page has been deleted.

Although the page does exist.

Here is an example in the screenshots: Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. Validator is not registered/authorized: Screenshot by Lightshot
  2. When registered/authorized: Screenshot by Lightshot

Ways to solve :

  1. It is best to assign these tasks to validators who have stated that they have an account for this platform.
  2. Add a condition about needing to register/authorize on on the dApp predicate definition page.

More complex mechanics are needed other than providing an instagram account. Will we be able to capture the activity of the validator on the page being checked? can try to track any action on the checked page?

Hi, I am trying to recreate this but not sure if I understand. From my experience, you can click over to Instagram accounts without being logged in to see if they are valid. If you start trying to see more of the account then it asks you log in, but I usually I am able to see enough to determine if an account is valid or not. But I may be having a different experience than others!

When I get a page with the message “Validator is not registered/authorized” I don’t consider that account to be valid. ie, in order for an Instagram account to be valid it must be accessible publicly (ie, without needing an account).

But again, I may be having a different experience than others, curious to hear other reports!