Predicate Proposal - IRS Employer Identification Number

Field Name: IRS Employer Identification Number

Definition: The IRS Employer Identification Number is the 9-digit Employer Identification Number (EIN) assigned by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS Employer Identification Number can be located by either official documents owned by the entity, or by SEC/Edgar Company Filings.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Employer Identification Number (EIN) assigned by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Type of value (one of the following): text

# of accepted values (one of the following): single

Constraints: Only applies when subject “is a” = “Company” or “Organization”

Citation Required?: yes

If the field has a limited # of values (enum field), list all possible values: N/A

Also known as: IRS EIN, Federal TAX ID number, Business Tax ID Number

Examples of proper use:

Monsanto’ ‘IRS Employer Identification Number’ is ‘43-1878297’ - Citation: EDGAR Entity Landing Page

Examples of improper use:

Monsanto’ ‘IRS Employer Identification Number’ is ‘1110783’ is incorrect because ‘1110783’ is the CIK Number (assigned by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), not the Federal Tax ID Number (assigned by the IRS).

Usage in other schemas:
Wikidata: IRS Employer Identification Number IRS Employer Identification Number - Wikidata

Interested in feedback on the names - IRS Employer Identification Number seemed most clear but other options in Also known as

This identifier will not work for non-public companies and companies that have not passed SEC verification or are located in other countries. But perhaps as an additional predicate it has value.

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@lavvpix Yes, I imagine we will eventually want to have similar key identifiers for companies located in other countries as well. Please feel free to propose if you have any in mind!

I think what you chose makes the most sense “IRS Employer Identification Number” - I think keeping IRS in the name helps users understand it’s scoped to the United States IRS agency.

IRS Employer Identification Number predicate vote

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Based on the voting above, the predicate definition above has been approved. It will be added as a web3 predicate in Golden soon!

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