Predicate Proposal : Link3 Profiile

Field Name : Link3 URL
Value statement: Nowadays A lot of crypto Projects have their own link3 profile connected to their projects URLs like twitter , discord , Poaps
Definition: Link3 is like Linktr but this project is for Cyberconncet and It is for web3 projects
Tooltip definition of the predicate : The link3 URL for the project.
Type of value: “URL”
Examples of use :
cyberconnect |
bnbchain |

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Hey! Thanks for your suggestion. While Link3 could bring value to Golden, tbh I would start with Linktr predicate coz it is more popular and comprehensive at the moment (apart from Web3 companies, onlyfans models like it as well, kidding :joy:). So my main point is that we need to start with something general and then step by step proceed to something more specific. Correct me if Im wrong, but there is not linktr predicate atm. Thus, I would recommend u to make a proposal for Linktr first.


@Ras Just noting for the record that this is correct that there is no Linktree predicate yet.