Predicate Proposal: Linktree Profile

Authors: @The.Ali @Ras

Field Name: Linktree profile

Value statement: A lot of people/companies/ crypto start ups use Linktree as an aggregator of their social media/mails and other resources. Since Linktree profile is regularly updated by a company/person himself the addition of a Linktree profile would help to keep the information up to date. There are currently 25+ million registered Linktree profiles.

Definition: Linktree is a single link that one can use to reveal everything he/she/it is sharing in one place.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The Linktree profile associated and owned by an entity.

Type of value: “url”

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: no

Examples of proper use:

Los Angeles Clippers → ‘Linktree Profile’ → Linktree

Selena Gomez → ‘Linktree Profile’ → Linktree

Examples of improper use:

Linktree Url that leads to a fake or similar name account

Microsoft → ‘Linktree Profile’ → Linktree

Usage in other schemas: N/A


Hi @The.Ali! Following your suggestion on the Link3, I made this proposal. Hope u will not be against me being a co-author of it (the original idea definitely belongs to u).

This proposal looks good to me, and based on Linktree profiles I have seen it is pretty easy to tell if it is fake or spam account.

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I tend to agree that Linktree has all the resources at one place, but doesn’t it means we are diverting our traffic to Linktree a Web2 site which might cease or have other interests. The value of Golden will improve by more data and info at their domain

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Hey! Thanks for your feedback! The point about Web2 is relevant, at the same time most triples deal with Web 2, so in this regard I suppose that the aim of Golden is to enhance more stuff including Web2 and show that Golden provides better service then any other Web2, rather then trying to exclude anything. That’s actually one of the difference between Web2 and Web3 (as I see it ofc).

My 2 cents, I don’t think links aggregator addition is a good idea, as the Golden page would lead to a third-party service which wouldn’t be verifiable all the time so quality of data may suffer
Better have all direct links on Golden

Hey! Thank you for your feedback! On the one hand I fully agree with you that having all the direct links on Golden is an ultimate goal. On the other hand, the updating mechanism is not automotocised yet, so potentially, there could be a situation when an entity changes some links, for example website or social media, and it will take some time in order to identify the change and update information on Golden. Thus, taking into account that Linktree is constantly updating by its owner, the link to the linktree profile would be a good way for users to find the information they are searching for. So let’s assume an entity changed its blog and the link on Golden has not been updated yet. So a user click on that but the page not found. In this case a user could click on the linktree profile to double check and find the neccessary link. Besides, that user could update the information on Golden. Finally, we cannot but note that Linktree becomes more and more popular, in this regard imo the decision not to work with the Linktree would be unrational for the commercial point of view. All in all, Linktree could pay for the traffic in the future.

Linktree URL predicate vote

  • Yes, implement this predicate
  • No - do not implement

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but expect in close future we’ll add some crypto link3 similar link agregators - there are a lof of and some companies migrate to it

Thanks for the support!
FYI there is already a proposal for Link3 Predicate Proposal : Link3 Profiile

Based on the voting above, the predicate definition above has been approved. It will be added as a web3 predicate in Golden soon!

This thread will now be closed and tagged appropriately.

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