Predicate Proposal - Location

Field Name: Location

Definition: Location is the geographical location of an entity, such as a company, organization, or educational institute. The location should refer to the most specific geographic location of an entity, such as a city rather than the broader country where it is located.

The location should be current location of an entity, not a past office, home, or other past location. The location where a person was born belongs to ‘Place of Birth’ rather than ‘Location’.

Location should be a physical location, not a post office box.

Any entity may have multiple locations, such as a company with multiple office locations.

The location should be verified by a source owned or controlled by the entity, such as a company webpage, a LinkedIn profile, or an official social media account.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Geographical location of an entity.

Type of value (one of the following): entity

Number of accepted values (one of the following): multiple


  • Subject must be: “Is a”: Company, Organization,Venture Capital Firm, Person, Port, Educational Institute, Event.
  • Object must be “Is a” “Location”
  • When “Is a” is “Person”, Location does not apply to a person who has died.
  • Does not apply to fictional places or people.

Citation Required?: yes

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

  • Genentech’ ‘Location’ is ‘California’ is incorrect because while Genetech is located in California, the more specific locations are South San Francisco and Oceanside.
  • Genentech’ ‘Location’ is ‘United States’ is incorrect because while Genetech is located in California, the more specific locations are South San Francisco, Oceanside, and Vacaville.
  • Marilyn Monroe’ ‘Location’ is ‘Los Angeles’ is incorrect because the entity is not a living person.

Usage in other schemas: Location; Wikidata: Location.

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How will it be solved if 2 locations are added (country+city) Are you importing both into the dapp?

what for to describe already created predicates?

To define it before imporing into the dapp

It turns out it is possible to write on the offer on current predicates? Is there any information on which proposals have not yet been written?))))

For certain predicates yes, for example people put both city and country in the “location” field, it needs to be fixed