Predicate Proposal - Marketplace/Sales link

Value Statement:-

All businesses have a sales page for which a specific predicate should be made.

This allows the Golden team to negotiate and have leverage while discussing collaborations with various projects/companies.

For users, it gives a direct link to look at the kind of products offered by a particular company, thereby saving time for them.

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Hey! It is slightly difficult to get your idea, could u please provide some examples on how u think it should be designed?

Let’s say a new project has the plan to create 1000 NFTs. Now there will be a specific link to which the users can directly go and purchase the NFTs. Similarly, let’s say a business sells cakes. Their Sales page link will direct the user toward the product of the Business. This you can provide as a premium service to businesses who take your subscription etc.

This is specifically a strong leverage against NFT projects, where the consensus will validate whether a particular page’s sales page is the right one, and therefore, the Golden community cannot be directly held responsible since its a knowledge base by the community and for the community and it also provides a level of credibility to NFT projects!

Hmm, that’s interesting. But I have a concern that NFT mint pages are quite limited in time, mainly the mint last less then a week, usually several hours. After that NFTs could be purchased on marketplaces. So, I have some doubts that less then a week-lasted link could be properly submitted and verified. As for the Marketpalces there were another topic Predicate Proposal: NFT Collection URL.
However, I suppose that for the cake example as well as for other non-limited in time and quantity items, your suggestion could work.

Thanks Ras.

Please let me know in case I can be of further assistance.

In the meantime, I will think of other possible predicates which we can keep in mind