Predicate Proposal - merge seemingly redundant Motto and Tagline predicates

We’d be interested whether the Community sees a valuable distinction between these predicates. Currently I believe we have 1600 triples for Tagline and 5700 for Motto. There are only 10 entities with values for both, and in only 4 cases are they different.
The original intent was for Motto to be more internally facing but Tagline more marketing/external, but not sure that’s how they’ve been used.
Here are the longer definitions for each:

Motto Long Definition: Short sentence or phrase commonly known to encapsulate the beliefs or values of an entity. Should not be confused with an organization’s tagline used for marketing a brand or product.
(motto dictionary definition: “a short sentence or phrase that expresses a belief or purpose”)
Ex. Boy Scouts of America → Motto → Be prepared
Ex. Stanford University → Motto → The wind of freedom blows
Ex. United States Air Force → Motto → Aim High… Fly, Fight, Win
Tagline Long Definition: Official marketing tagline of the organization, usually a short catchphrase to sum up the meaning or value of the organization’s brand or the brand’s products. Taglines, which rarely change, should not be confused with slogans used short-term for an advertising campaign or website.
(tagline dictionary definition: "a short, easily remembered phrase that a company uses in its advertisements, especially on television or the internet, so that people will recognize it or its products)
Ex. Disneyland → The happiest place on earth
Ex. Nike → Just do it
Ex. Allstate → You’re in good hands

The questions for the Community

  • Is there value in separate predicates or should they be merged (retaining all existing values)?
  • If so, what is the best name for the merged predicate?

I agree that these should be merged.

As for a name, should it just be “Motto/Tagline”? I don’t like the idea of smashing them together, but I also can’t decide which one is best. :joy:

I agree as well, give how close they are, and I think the Motto/Tagline name is best to capture both. ie, I think it would look weird to have a Tagline only on, say, a military unit. And motto looks a bit weird in a brand/advertising context. I think the combined is the best of both worlds.