Predicate Proposal - Michelin Guide URL

Field Name: Michelin Guide

Definition: The webpage attributed to a particular restaurant in the Michelin Guide.

Type of value: URL

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: no

Restaurant Aquavit → ‘Michelin Guide URL’ → Michelin Guide

The Whitlock → ‘Michelin Guide URL’ → Michelin Guide

Examples of improper use:
Restaurant Aquavit → ‘Michelin Guide URL’ →
Michelin Guide

This is an improper use because the object is a restaurant “Aquavit” situated in New-York, while the link forwards to the website of a restaurant “Aquavit” situated in London.

Usage in other schemas:
Michelin Restaurants ID - Wikidata

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Company” and "Organization”.

When it comes to Wikidata, the Michelin property is more relevant here: Michelin Restaurants ID - Wikidata (Wikidata properties map to predicates; the entities that start with Q map to entities.)

If Im not mistaken, Wikidata has both Michelin Restaurant ID and Michelin Stars, because the list of Restaurants included in the Michelin Guide (i.e. have Michelin Restaurant ID) are much greater in comparison to the list of Restaurants having stars.

@Ras Interesting proposal! Having worked previously on a restaurant app I agree this is valuable an interesting information on restaurants.

Based on my knowledge and having worked with Michelin data previously, I agree that the Michelin stars is more interesting information vs. just having a Michelin guide listing.
One concern would be keeping this data current (given that michelin stars are award each year, and not all at once, and it is possible to lose a michelin star). That would be less of an issue if we used Michelin Restaurants ID instead as @jed mentions.
Another reason potentially to use the Michelin Restaurants ID (either instead of or in addition to Michelin Stars) is that Michelin also now awards Bib Gourmand, and the Michelin Green Star, which would all be captured in that case.

Thanks for the feedback! Forgot about that Michelin stars could be revoked. So fully agree that it would be better to start with Michelin ID. So would it be better to update this proposal accordingly or to create a new one?

@Ras Sounds good! I think better to update the proposal here, that way we keep everything Michelin-related together in this thread case we want to revisit and add Michelin Stars later.

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FYI, I have updated the proposal accordingly, would appreciate if u could take a look!

@Ras This looks good to me! And great example of incorrect use - there are lots of restaurants with the same name, so excellent idea to point this out.

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Given that a restaurant may also have reviews and info available on other sites like Yelp, Google Maps etc should we consider making this more general and having a predicate such as Review Page. Which would also have values such as the following for Whitlock Google Maps .

Review Page could also apply to other entity types such as Product.

I probably have stronger opinions am a little biased on this one given having spent a lot of time on content/data quality for a restaurant app, but I would be a bit wary of a general Review Page field given that there are lots of review sites of varying quality (ie, Yelp being notorious for issues with its reviews) and value. I think I would be more inclined to add specific fields for other trusted review site profiles.

I think reviews in general (not just restaurants) is an interesting discussion item that we may want to start a separate forum thread for; specifically thinking about what and which review data would be valuable, and for what types of entities.

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