Predicate Proposal - Mirror

Field Name : Mirror

Definition: Mirror is a web3 publishing platform similar to Medium, but relying on blockchain based encryption. Publishing is free, and only requires an Ethereum wallet. The Mirror Dashboard is extensive in its utility, and after creating an account, you have a lot of flexibility with blog post creation. You can also create a custom url ( by burning one of their tokens and being voted in by the community. MIrro is a unique publishing tool for writers, which leverages cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The platform was created by Denis Nazarov and launched in 2020. It is described as a first of its kind, decentralized writing platform developed to help creators connect with their target audiences in a more direct and innovative way. According to the website, “Mirror is the next big change in the long history of symbolic communication. Through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, Mirror’s publishing platform revolutionizes the way we express, share and monetize our thoughts.”

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The official Mirror associated with this entity.

Type of value: URL

# of accepted values: Single

Citation Required? No

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:


Hey! Thanks for bringing this proposal. My general concern about new platforms is that they have not yet got their place. I mean there are a lot of platform appearing everyday, but most f them hype and die.

I agree with you, mirror is a new platform. but the platform that has proven itself in the crypto world and can do greater things. If we say golden is web3.0 wikipedia then mirror is web3.0 medium , Today some great projects like Scroll , Optimism, ENS and so on. are using MIrror active and they are publising news on MIrror, I f we are creating web 3.0 Dapps for real life, it is undeniable truth that MIrror will be one of those