Predicate Proposal - Official Twitch URL

Field Name : Offical Twitch URL

Definition: The top-level URL of the official twitch channel associated with this entity. A twitch channel is used for live broadcasts, presentations, streaming. For some entities, the twitch platform is the only one they use, for example streamers. A Twitch channel can be owned by both an individual person or a company.
An Official Twitch URL should be identified by some indication on the page that it is owned or run by the company or individual, for example a copyright, a tagline, or an about page.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: The official Twitch URL associated with this entity.

Type of value: URL

# of accepted values: Single

Citation Required? No

Examples of proper use:

  • CD PROJEKT RED → Official Twitch URL → Twitch

  • Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostilev → Official Twitch URL → Twitch

Examples of improper use:

  • Clip or video taken from the official channel
    CD PROJEKT RED → Official Twitch URL → Twitch

Constraints: Should only be applied to:
Company, Organization, Person.


I like this, and it seems sensible. Are there any cases where an entity might have more than one “official” Twitch URL, though?

In 99% of cases, no. However, For example, an organization that covers esports tournaments may have several official channels on twitch for different games, for example Twitch Twitch

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Wanted to create a Twitch predicate proposal too, but found this one through a search. I support the addition of this predicate.
There was also a lot of URL website with a Twitch link inside during validation. So I also suggest to remove them to the new predicate.

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This looks good to me!

And @usuch thank you for noting the Twitch links in Website URL - I have brought this up with the Golden team that we will want to migrate those if possible.

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Official Twitch URL/ID predicate vote

  • Yes, implement this predicate
  • No - do not implement

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Based on the voting above, the predicate definition above has been approved. It will be added as a web3 predicate in Golden soon!

This thread will now be closed and tagged appropriately.