Predicate Proposal - owned by

Field Name : owned by

Value statement : “owned by” can be used for many golden data

Definition : owner of the subject

Tooltip definition of the predicate : owner of the subject

Type of value :

  • “entity”

of accepted values :

  • “multiple”

Citation Required? : No

Also known as : proprietor, provenance, owner, shareholder, stockholder, belonged to, belongs to, is owned by, is owner of, owners, shareholders, stockholders

Examples of inproper use :

Examples of proper use :

  • ‘{ Eiffel Tower}’ ‘[owned by]’ is ‘{Paris}’ - Paris is the city owner the tower

Usage in other schemas: Wikidata

What information citation can check this information " Paris is the city owner the tower? if wikidata links are not accepted?

Your question is stupid, there are more than three sources of confirmation

@orsen5332 Wikidata and Wikipedia cannot be a source of confirmation.!!! Therefore, answer the question, which data source should be cited as confirmation of the predicate you proposed?

I think this needs more elaboration as to the nature of the ownership. Which could relate to the degree of control such as whether/how the owner may dispose of/sell it. And may differ from possession.
For example if someone has a typical 3 year car lease, are they the “owner” during that period?
What about if someone buys a phone and funds it through their phone bill over 2 years?

Note that there is a separate proposal for a Shareholder predicate which qualifies it by requiring a 2% (or maybe 5%) level.