Predicate Proposal - Patent Status

Field Name: Patent Status

Definition: The Patent Status is the current status of a patent, and can be either “Active” or “Pending.”

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Current status of a patent.

Type of value: enum

Number of accepted values (one of the following): single

Constraints: Only applies when Subject has the “Is a” value “Patent”

Citation Required?: Yes

If the field has a limited # of values (enum field), list all possible values: Active, Pending

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

  • US Patent 10010322 Surgical instrument’ ‘Patent Status’ is ‘Pending’ is incorrect because this patent has a patent number assigned and date of patent (date the patent was issue). Citation: Patent Images

  • Patents that have an Application Number but no Patent Number. (Specific examples not shown as these will go out of date when the patent is published.

Usage in other schemas: n/a