Predicate Proposal - Person IMDb ID/url

Field Name: Person IMDb ID/url
Field type: text
Number of values accepted: single
Tooltip description: The IMDb ID/url associated with this entity
Full description: The IMDb ID/url that is used for this entity. An entity can be a person (for example an actor)

Examples of proper use:

  • identify/capture IMDb ID/url for a given person

Examples of incorrect use:

  • search page on the site IMDb

Format as url: true
URL format: "{:id}"


  • IMDb ID value: “nm0705356”
    which would then generate the url "" which is the IMDb ID for Daniel Radcliffe
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Usage in other schemas:
Usage in wikidata: IMDb ID - Wikidata

I know I’m a little late in replying here, but I think this looks great to me. Very straightforward and directly applicable to Person pages. Thanks for submitting it!

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Person IMDb URL predicate vote

  • Yes, implement this predicate
  • No - do not implement

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Based on the voting above, the predicate definition above has been approved. It will be added as a web3 predicate in Golden soon!

This thread will now be closed and tagged appropriately.

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