Predicate Proposal - Phone Number + Full Address

Value operator: The “phone number + full address” predicate will reflect more structured information about a company/organization that has more than two offices/locations. Therefore, each office has its own phone number. For example, google has 100 phone numbers associated with their company.

Definition: “The phone number of a company/organization tied specifically to its location. If such a company/organization has more than two offices/locations.”

Examples of proper usage:

“Google” "phone number + full address " - “PH: +34917486400 - FA: Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, I. Madrid, 28020, Spain”. [Citation] - This is the exact address (location) and phone number of this Google office.

Examples of misuse:

“Google” "phone number + full address " - “PH: 650-253-0000 - FA: Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, I. Madrid, 28020, Spain” - Phone number of Google’s main office.

Citation Required?: yes

Type of value: String

This predicate would be relevant in order to avoid such filled-in data, which are in no way related to each other. Example below:


This is a particularly complicated proposal, since the two predicates underlying it already exist. So it’s a matter of tying them together somehow.

We have plans where users can add “qualifiers” to existing triples, so for example:

“Apple” [CEO is] “Steve Jobs” … starting date and ending date [Y]

Under this scenario, the triples discussed here could become:

“Company” [address is] “100 Main Street, Anytown USA” … phone number [Z]
to denote that phone number [Z] is specifically for the address in the triple.

I think using a qualifiers approach would be better than a new triple that forces them together.

I just wanted to point out the problem described above.
It would be nice to implement something like “triplet bundling”. When one triplet is directly linked to the second. In this case, “phone number + full address”.
But I can already see that you have ideas about this :upside_down_face:

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Previously proposed initiative on Discord

How to solve

For previously entered data, it is necessary to compare during validation.

There is certainly a way this could be leveraged in triple validation. But there should also be a way to validate each value in a ‘phone number’ and ‘full address’ pair without seeing them together, as the validation queue currently works.