Predicate Proposal - Place of Burial

Field Name: Place of burial

Value statement: It is not unusual that people die in one place but are buried in another place. Moreover, there could be situations of re-burials and when parts of the body are buried separately that is especially typical for Saints.

Definition: Location where a person is buried or his/her grave is situated. Please note that the most specific location should be used (ie, if the cemetery is known, do not include the city and country where the cemetery is located).

Also known as: place of cemetery, location of grave, resting place

Type of value: entity

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: yes

Examples of proper use:

  1. William Shakespeare → ‘Place of burial’ → Church of the Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon Citation

  2. Saint Peter → ‘Place of burial’ → St. Peter’s Basilica Citation

Examples of improper use:

  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald → ‘Place of burial’ → Los Angeles
    This is incorrect, because F. Scott Fitzgerald died in Los Angeles, but was buried in Third Addition to Rockville and Old St. Mary’s Church and Cemetery (Rockville, Maryland)

  2. William Shakespeare → ‘Place of burial’ → Stratford-upon-Avon
    This usage is not correct, because a more specific location is knows i.e. Church of the Holy Trinity

Constraints: Only applies when the Subject has the “Is a” value “Person”.

Usage in other schema: Wikidata - Place of burial


Well-specified, my only question is related to how useful it will be - what are the scenarios where you (or others) think this would be used?

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Interesting proposal, and I think for famous people this is a data point that is of interest to some.

I am wondering on the constraints for Object if those would be limited to cemeteries or other burial sites, or is Location allowed? If not, I would include and improper use example (ie, using Stratford-upon-Avon for William Shakespeare) or include details to say that the most specific location only should be included - ie, if the cemetery is known, do not also include the city and country where the cemetery is located.

Thanks for the feedback @rivettp ! As jen pointed out, it can be used for touristic and research purposes mostly, coz visiting resting places of famous people is quite popular.

Thanks @jen ! Im thinking about making it as specific as possible, for example if a cemetery is known it is definitely should be a cemetery, but sometimes the exact location is not known especially if we are talking about ancient times. In this case a town or area would be suitable. I will make neccessary adjustments. Let me know if u think anything else should be included

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Nice approach. such good deductions befit a writer. That’s what makes them great.

@Ras A couple pieces of feedback.

The proposal has Type of value: text but all of the examples have entity value type?

Why would there be multiple accepted values? Except in a very few rare cases where someone is re-buried, they’re only buried once. (And even when they’re re-buried, they’re only buried in one place at any given time.)

Per @jen 's feedback, I would think this should be an entity, but not necessarily a Location entity, because the existing Locations are too high-level (at the city/state/country-level).

With some either changes or clarifications on these questions, I think we’re pretty ready to move to voting with this.

Thanks for the feedback @jed !
As for the multiple accepted values. The reason behind it is that there are cases when parts of the body could be buried in different places, for example, in case of relics of saints. But I would agree with u here, that concerns very few rare cases. So I think the number of values could be changed to single for the time being.
Yeah, u are right on the entity value type.

PS. I have amended it accordingly

Place of Burial - predicate vote

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  • No - do not implement

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