Predicate Proposal - Place of Incorporation

Field Name: Place of Incorporation

Definition: Place of Incorporation is the location of legal incorporation of a company.

A location of legal incorporation is often, though not always, different than the physical location of a company’s offices. Many companies are registered in the U.S. state of Delaware but do business elsewhere.

A place of incorporation should be confirmed and cited to either a source owned or controlled by the company, or a government entity, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR filings.

Tooltip definition of the predicate: Location of legal incorporation of a company

Type of value (one of the following): entity

Constraints: Only applies to entities where Subject “is a” = “Company” or “Organization” and Object “is a” “Location”

Citation Required?: yes

Examples of proper use:

Examples of improper use:

Usage in other schemas: n/a

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Is the expected Location a State (as in the example) or the registered legal address (an office in Delaware that can be used for legal correspondence)?

BTW the vitation link to SEC for Intuit is missing the final “m” from .htm

Location in this case is at the level of jurisdiction (state or country), instead of a specific physical or mailing address. (Which is why it’s an entity type instead of something else.)

@jed I agree that the jurisdiction has the most value and I think that’s worth making clearer - even to the extent of making the description “jurisdiction of incorporation” - to avoid people creating triples using other types of Location entity based on the registered legal address such as (for Intuit) Wilmington, Delaware - Wiki | Golden or New Castle County, Delaware - Wiki | Golden

Good suggestion for the people to know where the company is registered and what legal/tax regime is applied to it.
At the same time I do not fully understand how precise the location should be? For example, it could be Panama (country) that is known as an offshore. On the other hand, there are at least to areas in Panama with specific tax regime. So what would be a jurisdiction for an entity A registered in a Special Area of Panama, just Panama or that Area?
If we are talking about legal specificities of a jurisdiction, than indicating a country would be enough. On the other hand Virgin Islands belong officially to the UK, but naturally it is a different jurisdiction in terms of legal and tax regimes.
To conclude, I support this proposal, but would like to have an exact template to use, because people will highly likely misuse this predicate without exact rules.