Predicate Proposal - Population

Field Name: Population

Definition: Number of residents living in a country.

Type of value: numbers

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: yes.

In order to provide users with comparative analysis tools and trustworthy information I suggest using as a citation source the following:

  1. World Bank (part of the UN institutions).

  2. International Monetary Fund.

  3. National Central Statistics Agencies.

Examples of proper use:

Romania → ‘Population’ → 19,119 million Citation

Canada → ‘Population’ → 38,743 million Citation

New Zealand → ‘GDP’ → 5,117 million Citation

Constraints: Only applies when the Subject has the “Is a” value “Country”.

Usage in other schema: Wikidata - Population


Seems it could usefully apply to states, counties, cities too: basically any Location.
And better as a number rather than text, for consistency and arithmetic.

If the use case is comparison/analytics, then we’d need to have a set of triples all from the same source and the same date.

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Hey! Yeah, u are right about states and cities, but since there is only Country as entity atm, I decided to point it out as a constraint.
On the one hand, I agree with u on analytics issues, on the other Im not sure we can prevent using UN data or official national statistics data. Quite a difficult questions tbh. Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback

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