Predicate Proposal - Postal Code

Field Name: Postal Code

Definition: A series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

Also known as: Postcode, Post Code, PIN, ZIP Code.

Type of value: text

#of accepted values: single

Citation Required?: yes.

Examples of proper use:

Restaurant “The Whitlock” → ‘Postal Code’ → 10536 Citation

Madame Tussauds Museum in London → ‘Postal Code’ → NW15LR Citation

Constraints: Only applies when the Subject has the “Is a” value “Company” , “Organisation”, “Venture Capital Firm”, “Investment Fund”, “Educational Institute”, “Laboratory”, “Port Location”.

Usage in other schema: Wikidata - postal code

Is there any official libraries of these postal codes to verify with?

Hey! That’s a good question! Official libraries are contained by the national postal service or responsible ministry/agency, for example, US post ZIP Code™ Lookup | USPS. Im afraid that there is no official global aggregator for that.
Another way to verify the postal code could be an official website of a company.

Do we really want to exclude Person from having a postal code?

Given that a company/organization can have many Locations (and hence addresses), not sure how this could be single valued. We do have a Headquarters predicate which would be more specific is of type Location so maybe it would make more sense to associate Postal Code with Location?

Even for a single location, in the US it’s quite possible for the same address to have both a 5 digit and a more precise 9 digit zip code. Though you can always strip the latter back to get the former, would we say that the 9 digit code would always replace the 5 digit one?

We also do have a predicate Full Address, which would include the postal code, so we’d need to ensure they are consistent.

This is similar to how I was thinking about this predicate. It seems like a subset of the data that’s in “Full Address”. Instead of the issues trying to keep data consistent, why not just use Full Address? Why should this be its own predicate?

Thanks a lot for your feedback @rivettp @jed !
Indeed, there is already a full address predicate, however Im not sure that ZIP is obligatory in that section, is it btw? From some examples I saw on Golden, sometimes it is not included. So, maybe a good idea would be to create a template to follow for adding a full address. As of now, the Full Address description in the schema is the following Full address (street, city, state, country) associated with an entity. So the ZIP is not mentioned. That is why I decided to suggest it as a separate predicate. Another idea behind this proposal is that ZIP code is usually a separate section in various documents (delivery request, tax form, visa application, etc), so I thought that ZIP is needed to make some kind of sistematization or analysis.

As for Do we really want to exclude Person from having a postal code?. That is a relevant concern. On the one hand, I agree that natural persons have ZIP code. On the other hand, I was in doubts that if introducing it for Person that it could have multiple number of predicates, just like you have pointed out, and in that case such a predicate could loose its value. However, there could be some examples where a person could have only one ZIP (or major ZIP) like the UK Prime Minister.
So my general idea behind that is to have single ZIP code for legal entities.

Anyway, it is just a proposal, would be glad to here further thoughts on how to modify it or whether it is needed in general.