Predicate Proposal - Red Bull Athlete Profile URL

Field Name : Red Bull Athlete Profile URL

Value statement: Red Bull is a renowned company famous for it’s extreme Athletes. I thought it would make sense to have such a Predicate dedicated specifically to Red Bull since its authority and the place it takes in the world of Extreme Sports.

Definition: The link to the official Red Bull profile of any particular athlete ( //

Tooltip definition of the predicate : The link to the Red Bull Athlete’s Profile

Type of value: “url”

# of accepted values: single

Examples of proper use :

Examples of improper use : URLs that lead to any other website / profile rather than the official Red Bull profiles.

P.S. Since this is my first ever proposal i am sure i could have made some stupid mistakes :yum: so i would very much appreciate any reasonable hints or tips on how to improve it! Thank you.

This is preferable to the “Sponsorship” predicate, I do not consider it to be a separate entity.

I agree with the previous comment, because it would be rather strange to create a link to each sponsor partner, highlighting some specific companies.

Hey! First of all, thanks for the proposal! Tbh, Im not sure that Golden needs so focused predicates atm. I mean there are lots of quite general predicates that still pending proper validation system. However, in the future when the Protocol becomes mature, the more focused predicates like yours, would definitely add value

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Yeah, the current situation with validation speed leaves to wish the best.

And does “Sponsorship” predicate already exist?
And in my opinion, having the more precise and subjective predicates will only benefit the platform such as Golden in the long-term.
Just like Spotify Artist ID and Apple Artist ID exist.

This is an interesting proposal, and agree that the Red Bull athlete profiles are nice and informative, and also cover athletes in a wide range of sports.

One thing I am curious about is how often these profiles may disappear, creating a broken link. In other words, I assume that the profile disappears if the athlete is no longer sponsored by Red Bull. It would be interesting to know if this happens once a year, or more often.


@asd_zxc Per your separate message, just wanted to make sure you saw this response. Do you have any sense of how often these profiles are updated/removed? I think this is a good idea, just concerned about the potentially ephemeral nature of these profiles and resulting broken links.

Yep! You know i can not say for sure as to how often profiles are being updated.

But i browsed through a few dozens of them and i must say that i did not come across a single broken link!

Moreover Redbull is quite reputable company like no other. They got a very decent website which i believe is properly taken care of. Many athletes career starts are back-dated to 2012 and earlier years and their profiles still exist with direct links to their official socials (like Facebook, Instagram etc)

I guess once a particular profile and description get introduced to Redbull it will just exist for many years ahead.

@asd_zxc Oh great to hear that it looks like their content stays around. Thank you so much for doing this additional research!