Predicate Proposal - remove redundant Father Of and Mother Of predicates (and inverses)

Currently we have Child (inverse Child Of) as well as the gendered Mother Of/Mother and Father Of/Father. It seems unnecessary to have both, and we’re seeking Community input.
Not only are they redundant, they can be inconsistent: for example see Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Wiki | Golden - on the right under “other attributes” we have inconsistency between Child and Father Of (the latter misses Andrew and Edward).
I’d argue against the gendered versions. This would also make migration straightforward - just take the union of Father Of, Mother Of and Child and assign to Child.
I’d also propose to make the Child predicate clear that it includes who is the parent in actuality (e.g. an adoptive parent) not biology.


I agree, using Parent/Child relationships here just simplifies things.

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